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About Us

Legionbaseball.com is a totally unique non-profit web site, now in its 16h year, providing the 5th District American Legion players real time statistics entered voluntariaily by each and every team statistician every game.  The web site is designed and maintained by former Oneida County American Legion player Mike Macchione, now living in Glenridge, New Jersey.  The web site has been his contribution to the young players of the 5th District and clearly a labor of love when viewed from the complexity and time taken to develop such a great site.

The 5th District, nortoriously one of the most competitive districts in New York State, is made up of 13 teams from three counties, Oneida County,Herkimer County and Madison.  Each year legionbaseball.com awards players that lead in the categories of HR's, RBI's, ERA, Hits, Stolen Bases, Strikeouts, Batting Average, Wins, Total Runs and Player of the Year, plaques for their achievement.  Our players work hard for their opportunity to be recognized for their awards and it's with that goal in mind that legionbaseball.com continues to showcase our players throughout the world.  Our alumni throughout the US and many foreign countries , (thirty two countries in total), check in to our web site throughout the year to learn how their team, their son, their brother, their nephew and their ol' legion team is doing today.  It's totaly unique.

Legionbaseball.com is proud to be involved with American Legion Baseball in all ways, and will always look to place the players first in their goal to play baseball in college and to create memories that will truly last a life time.