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American Legion Junior/Senior Baseball Meet and Greet April 30th

Where can I go and play Legion Baseball this summer?

It's often been said that you need to be a Philadelphia lawyer to fully understand the American Legion Rule Book.  Most people that "think" they know the rules are often times surprised about "option Z, section Q, paragraph 92, on page 921".  Only kidding, but there is a little truth to that statement.  In spite of the complexity of the Legion Rules, it's still the best thing going in amateur sports.

With that in mind, The NY State Legion Championship Committee along with the Co-sponsorship with the Utica Blue Sox, are presenting the first ever, New Junior and Senior Meet and Greet for first time players ages 13-19 yrs. old, desiring to play American Legion Baseball.

Mark your calander for 5PM, Sunday April 30th at Tiny's Bar and Grill.  League officials and coaches and managers will be there to lay the foundation for your next action; where can I play, what is a base school, why is Legion Baseball the best place for me to play, and many, many more important informative questions being answered by people that know the correct answer.

The cost for the evening is FREE to any player and their parent(s).  There will be a Spahgetti Dinner starting at 5PM for those that would like to have something to eat before the meeting.  The dinner costs $10.00 with proceeds of the dinner going to support the 5th District Junior American Legion program.

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For additional information contact 315-404-6755