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Eastern New York American Legion All-star Game in the Making

American Legion Baseball has been waiting for this for a long time now.  With the traditional playoff system that tests the endurance and fortitude of players, coaches and parents alike in order to find the State Champ, the Regional Champ and ultimately the World Champ, the Eastern New York American Legion Districts will be taking a much different path in August.  On August 10th eighteen (18) of the very best players from the 3rd and 4th, District, the Capital District; the 5th District representing the Central New York area; the 6th District, representing the Southern Tier and finally the 9th District, representing Westchester will gather at Shuttleworth Park in Amsterdam, New York to play in front of a throng of college coaches looking for their best recruiting class.

The worthy players will be made up of 2013 Sophomores and Juniors.  All seventy-two (72) will be given the opportunity to perform for the college coaches in a typical Showcase environment early Saturday morning.  At 11AM all players will be divided into four teams; the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and will play a double header with the last game culminateing under the lights.

"We feel that this All-star Game will showcase our best players to at least 20-30 colleges throughout the Northeast, Ohio and PA" said Joe Finn Zone Chairman.  "American Legion Baseball continues to fill the collegiate ranks with highly competitive players, and this All-star group should continue the same fine tradition.  Often times, even we as officers and coaches and managers , take our program for granted and assume that the college coaches will happen upon good players no matter where they may may play", said Finn.  "This will focus on players that they may miss, as they travel from state to state tracking down leads to promising sophomores and juniors.  We want to show them our best 72 players in Eastern New York", said Finn.  "The rest is up to the players and how they perform".

The tentative agenda is as follows:

  • Date: August 10, 2013
  • Location: Shuttleworth Park, Amsterdam, New York
  • Number of Teams: Four (4)
  • Number of players per team: eighteen (18)
  • Position Breakdown: 6 pitchers; 2 catchers; 6 infielders; 4 outfielders
  • Eligible players: 2013 Sophomores and Juniors

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